Room prices stay the same throughout the year.
Ipar and Hego: 65 euro/night.
Eki: 95 euro/night.
Kukuabi: 110 euro/night.
Aritza and Orba:105 euro/night

Breakfast is optional and priced at 6 euro per person (VAT included)
An additional bed is 18 euro.
For long stays or renting the whole house, please make an enquiry.


Special Offers

  • Personalized gift vouchers. Choose amount, date and extras (champagne, massage, flowers).
  • A welcome glass of Navarra wine.
  • Free guided tours to Valdorba romanesque architecture (book in advance).



C/ Camino De la Fuente, s/n
31395 Garinoain
Teléfono: 948 720 116
Móvil: 699 664 177